The Flower of the Cannabis Plant is the part of the plant that contains the highest concentration of cannabinoids.  The cannabis plants can be either male or female, however the female plant is what produces the flowers that we most commonly use.

The cannabis plant produces dozens of different “Cannabinoids”, such as THC, CBN, and CBD.


Cannabis Indica comes from the Indus Mountain Range of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India where the climate is hot and dry during the summer, and cold during the winter.  Indica’s are popular amongst indoor cultivators because of it’s short lifespan, and relatively high THC levels.  And, because of naturally occurring CBN, Indica tends to have greater sleep inducing qualities.


Cannabis Sativa comes from the tropical and subtropical regions of South Eastern Asia and Africa.  Because Sativa’s grow closer to the equator, the plants can get very large, but often take much longer to finish.  They are popular amongst outdoor growers in Coastal areas because they tend to be more resistant to mold.  Because of  it’s complex flavors and cerebral effects, Sativa’s tend to be more popular amongst connoisseur cannabis users.


Hybrids are any plant that has been crossed with any other plant.  Commonly, people refer to “hybrids” as a cross between indica’s and sativa’s, however this is a misinterpretation.  A hybrid can be a cross of two Indicas, two Sativas, or any combination of plants.


Cannabis Ruderalis is can be found wild in various parts of the world, but is thought to have originated in Russia.  It’s short size and fast flowering time makes it a popular plant to breed with Sativa or Indica varieties in order to have faster maturing plants.  It’s low THC levels has made it undesirable for most breeders, but it has been discovered to have higher levels of CBD.



Concentrates are any product that is made by “concentrating” the cannabinoids. Types of concentrates are Hashes, Keif, Honey Oil, Shatter, Pull n’ Snap, Wax, etc. SCN carries a wide variety of concentrates that can be used in an assortment of ways.


Infused Products

Infused Products are any products where cannabis oils have been infused into them.  Typical infused products are brownies, cookies, or butter, but can be as elaborate as pasta sauce, spiced teas, or beef jerky!



Seeds are the starting point for all cannabis products!  They contain the genetic information for everything that the plant will be.  However, there is much genetic variability, so cultivating from seed is more often done by experienced cultivators.



Clones are rooted cuttings that are taken off of “mother plants”.