Santa Cruz Naturals Aptos Open During Construction


Greetings Santa Cruz Naturals Community! We are OPEN FOR BUSINESS DURING CONSTRUCTION.

As you may have noticed, the hillside behind Santa Cruz Naturals has been in a precarious state for many years.  In the late 1990’s, heavy rain caused a big portion of the parking lot to collapse into the creek below.  Throughout the years, we have done everything we can to keep the hillside from sliding further into the creek, but until now, bureaucracy and costs stemming from years of cannabis prohibition have prevented us from being able to fully resolve the issue.  Fortunately, we are through the permitting process and are building a large retaining wall adjacent to the creek to protect the trees, plants, amphibians, fish, birds, reptiles and other critters that call Valencia Creek home.  And, we will be upgrading our parking at the same time! 

As we undergo this large, expensive project, we greatly appreciate your continued support.  The construction project will last about 5 weeks, and when we’re finished we will have an amazing new view, several new parking spaces, and a beautifully restored habitat along the creeks edge.  In the mean-time, Santa Cruz Naturals remains OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  For your convenience, we have two dedicated parking areas adjacent to Santa Cruz Naturals.  You may use either 9081 Soquel Drive (directly next door to Santa Cruz Naturals), or 9067 Soquel Drive at the old Rio Del Mar Mexican Restaurant.  Both areas are approved for Santa Cruz Naturals clients.  Please refrain from parking at the old Golden Buddha Restaurant. 

Your support allows us to continue to create a more comfortable, convenient and beautiful space for you, your community, and your local environment!

Thank you!

Colin Disheroon, CEO and Founder, Santa Cruz Naturals

Dominique de Leon