Notice Regarding Recent Vape-Related Illnesses


Santa Cruz Naturals takes the health and well-being of our clients very seriously. Recently, an alarming trend of lung illnesses and a number of deaths have been associated with the use of vape cartridges. Although there is no clearly identified common thread amongst these illnesses, what is clear is that the majority, if not all of those who have become ill from vaping have used a vape cartridge which was purchased outside of the regulated cannabis market. Whenever purchasing a cannabis product, consumers should not only verify that the retailer or delivery service has a valid license from the State of California, but also that the product itself has been properly lab tested and has been distributed through a licensed distributor.

There has been a variety of opinions and much speculation about the common cause of these lung illnesses. Some researchers believe that chemical biproducts resulting from the heating of Vitamin E Acetate (often found in tobacco and non-cannabis “e-cig” vape oils) are causing the illnesses. Others believe that vaporized oils are literally coating and suffocating the lungs of consumers. And yet others suspect that heavy metals or other chemicals found in cheap imported components are poisoning consumers. Although many researchers agree that it is unlikely that these illnesses are caused by the vaporizing of THC or related cannabinoids, until Federal rescheduling happens with Cannabis, the CDC and FDA will not be legally authorized to conduct the research necessary to determine any clinically associated risks of vaporizing THC.

Although Santa Cruz Naturals cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that cannabis products are harmless, we can guarantee that we only work with reputable, state licensed manufacturers and distributors, and continue to place an emphasis on organic, clean, pure and Clean Green Certified products. None of our products contain Vitamin E Acetate or other non-cannabis derived emulsifiers or liquifiers.

In light of this recent issue, we want to remind all of our clients to be mindful of everything they put into their bodies, from food, to medicines, recreational substances, and media. Always check your sources; ask questions, be suspicious, stay informed. Copy-cat and counterfeit products are abundantly available through unlicensed retailers and delivery services posing grave health risks to consumers seeking cheaper products. Unfortunately, anyone purchasing products from unlicensed retailers are truly putting themselves, and anyone they share their products with, at risk.

Shop smart and stay healthy!

Colin Disheroon, CEO

Santa Cruz Naturals

Dominique de Leon