Changes in Our On-Site Security Policy

A Message to Santa Cruz Naturals Clients and Community:

As always, Santa Cruz Naturals places the safety and security of our staff, clients, and community above all things.  With all of our company policies, we weigh in on many factors before we implement any of them.  From time to time, there will be policy differences between Santa Cruz Naturals Aptos and Santa Cruz Naturals Watsonville due to factors relating to facilities, road access, traffic, police/fire response time, and requirements both imposed and recommended by differing government agencies. 

As Santa Cruz Naturals approaches our busiest time of year and as our client base continues to increase, the management of Santa Cruz Naturals has determined that in the interest of both safety and equality, we will begin implementing “Security-Wanding” in both Aptos and Watsonville.  In addition to this change, we will also be asking that all clients be prepared with their government issued ID (foreign or domestic is fine), and Doctors recommendation for medical cannabis for clients 18-20 years of age as they approach the entrance to the building. 

We love and support our local community, and we look forward to being of service to you for many years.  Thank you for your support and patience with us as we learn and grow with you.

With gratitude,

Santa Cruz Naturals

Dominique de Leon