A Pound for Pip


A Pound for Pip

Pip Holmes is a 45 year old British artist, surfer, and father of two young children. In early December 2018, Pip was arrested in Bali for possessing medicinal THC oil which he uses to manage arthritis pain in his remaining hip, as the other has already been replaced.

Although the amount of oil he was in possession of was extremely small (2 grams, not 30kg as falsely stated by some news outlets) Indonesian law does not discriminate between substances or quantity. In Indonesia, any amount of cannabis, whether medicinal or recreational, is viewed the same as a kilo of cocaine or heroin. In many cases, cannabis possession in Indonesia is punishable by death.

Pip made a very grave error of judgement and is full of remorse. In particular, Pip is terrified that his children will grow up without a father.

As a medical cannabis user, Pip can potentially serve a shorter sentence in a Balinese rehab centre. He has a good local legal team in Bali that has helped him get into a rehab facility already pending his trial, but although these lawyers are doing great work to get Pip home, they are very expensive.

So far, Pip’s family has paid for his team through their own limited funds and through donations from their community, however their funds are now depleted. If Pip’s family are unable to raise the rest of the money needed, Pip will potentially be forced to serve a life-sentence in Kerobokan Prison, one of the toughest prisons in the world.

If Pips attorneys are successful, he will be able to serve a shorter sentence in rehab and soon return home to the UK and his children.

There is not much time left to raise the final amount of money needed for Pips safe return. We are asking for any and every donation possible now.

A Message from Pip

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. I have now been moved from a cramped Balinese police cell to a rehab facility and although things are looking up, if I don’t find the rest of the money to pay for my legal fees, I will be going to Kerobokan Prison for anywhere between 5 and 15 years.

After 2 months exploring the beautiful island of Bali, I was arrested for possession of 2g of THC oil. This is Asia; it’s not like the West. I am guilty under Indonesian law. I foolishly crossed the line in a very strict country, and I am extremely sorry for my actions which have had such a huge impact on my family and friends.

This experience has really been a sharp wake up call.

I still cannot believe I’m here and I feel sick with fear. What I would give to hug my children again or read them a story, to surf, to play with my stupid dogs, and to hug my lady so hard and never ever let her go.

I’m an artist. In rehab I will be able to paint and be productive. I’ll be able to help others going through the same experience as well and when I leave here, I’ll be able to be the father my children deserve.

The only way this will be possible is to continue to invest in the right legal representation.

If I go to prison my children will grow up without a father. Please help me get through this and get back to them!

We only have a very short window to raise the remainder of the money, and we are so close to our goal. I know we can do it with your help.

How You can Help

Santa Cruz Naturals has teamed up with Bird Valley Organics to help raise funds for Pip’s Legal Fees. When you purchase Bird Valley Organics “Cookies & Cream” flower, all proceeds go towards helping bring Pip home. We are also collecting cash donations in the lobbies of both Santa Cruz Naturals Dispensary locations.

To learn more or to donate directly to Pip’s fundraiser, visit GetPipBackHome.co.uk.

Dominique de Leon