Santa Cruz Naturals Holiday Gift Boxes

This holiday season Santa Cruz Naturals is offering special themed pre-wrapped gift boxes!

With gift box themes like CBD lover, Date Night or Flower Connoisseur, we have a perfect gift for everyone on your list. And with 20% more product for your money, these ready to go holiday gift boxes take the stress out of holiday shopping.

Take a closer look at our line of gift boxes!

Flower Power


$100 SCN Flower - 10.5 Grams

A great gift for the experienced flower lover on your list!

  • SCN Blue Dream 3.5G

  • SCN White Buffalo 3.5G

  • SCN Girl Scout Cookies 3.5G

  • Matches and Lighter

  • Rolling Papers

  • Hemp Wick

  • Grinder

  • SCN Hat

The Spice of Life


$50 SCN Flower - 3 Grams

A great gift for that budding flower lover!

  • SCN Blue Dream 1G

  • SCN White Buffalo 1G

  • SCN Girl Scout Cookies 1G

  • Rolling Papers

  • Hemp Wick

  • Matches

  • Grinder

  • Lighter

By Golly Be Jolly


$125 - Uplifting or Relaxing CBD

Treat the CBD lover in your life with a Uplifting or Relaxing Experience!

  • Unflavored Select Drops

  • Spearmint (Uplifting) or Lavender (Replaxing) Disposable Vape

  • Sensi Chew CBD Platinum (Uplifting) or Gold (Relaxing)

  • Kanha CBD Gummies

Sugar & Spice


$75 - Date Night

The SCN date night box. Things are about to get real cozy in here!

  • THE FIZZ (2)

  • Potcorn (2)

  • Big Pete's Mini Cookie (2)

  • Lazy 8 Singles (2)

  • Kanha Cherry Gummies

  • Kiva Blueberries

Naughty is the New Nice


$75 - Partner Romance

Get closer with that special someone this holiday season with a gift box for two!

  • OM Body Rose

  • Sensi Chew Amore

  • Kikoko Sensuali-tea (2)

  • Foria Pleasure Oil

  • Toast 2 Pack Prerolls

  • Matches

  • Lighter

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