Recreational clients 21 years of age or older, please bring: Your State-Issued ID, Driver’s license or Passport.

Medical patients 18 years of age or older, please bring: your State Issued ID and your medical recommendation

If this will be your first time visiting Santa Cruz Naturals you will need to fill out a patient agreement form before being served. Please be aware that you will need to fill out the proper paperwork to be allowed in the product showroom, even if you are not purchasing product or accompanying a friend/family. If you would like to speed up the sign up process, you can print and fill out the appropriate form before your visit.


Recreational Good Neighbor Agreement

Recreativo Cliente Acuerdo de Buen Vecino (Espanol)


Medicinal Patient Agreement

Acuerdo de Paciente Médico (Espanol)

*We do not serve medical patient under 18 years of age, per CA law. Please note: all documents MUST be current. Expired documents will be denied*

See you soon!


Santa Cruz Naturals is happy to be able to provide service for both medical and adult 21+ use.  We offer a number of great deals and specials to take advantage of.