Santa Cruz Naturals is dedicated to creating a healthy environment, both for ourselves and our community.  Founded by Environmental Educators and Resource Conservationists, Santa Cruz Naturals was born out of the ethos that there are healthy, natural solutions to many of the problems that we face as a society today.

As a natural medicine, Cannabis not only provides us with a way to use nature as our source of healing, but also allows us to sequester carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and turn it back into Oxygen! The building blocks of a sustainable future are being built right now upon the momentum that Cannabis has gained. At Santa Cruz Naturals, we believe that Cannabis is not only an exceptional medicine, but also a sturdy textile, building material, fabric, and food.

As a “Clean Green” business, Santa Cruz Naturals places a high priority on sourcing our products from vendors who practice conscious cultivation; those who use organic products, who reduce carbon footprints, and reuse and recycle whenever possible!  In addition, we have taken every measure possible to reduce our own carbon footprint by using recycled products, reclaimed building materials, and going as paperless as possible.  By supporting our organization, you are supporting a movement towards sustainability and environmental awareness!



Clean Green cannabis farms and outlets have voluntarily gone through the most rigorous nationally recognized cannabis certification program today.

Cannabis grown under these standards is monitored for harmful residues left by synthetic nutrients and pesticides, ensuring the plants are grown as sustainably as possible. Outlets are certified to have proper handling methods similar to those used in the standard agricultural and food processing industries. Only a Clean Green Certified outlet is licensed to handle Clean Green products.