Discount Programs

For Discounts and Loyalty Rewards, sign up at Santa Cruz Naturals!

Santa Cruz Naturals is happy to be able to provide service for both medical and adult 21+ use.  We offer a number of great deals and specials to take advantage of.

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Early Birds: 15% discount from 8-9am daily

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SCN Happy Hour: 15% discount 2-3pm daily

Interested in getting great deals and discounts on your favorite cannabis products?  Sign up with your valid email address and a cell number on your next visit to Santa Cruz Naturals!

All senior clients over the age of 65 are entitled to the senior discount of 10% off.

Veterans are entitled to a discount of 15%.

Supporting documents required: veteran’s affairs card, active duty/ military discount ID. Any paperwork with client’s name and evidence of service /Branch of armed service

Active students and teachers will receive a 10% discount.

*Proof of credentials or student ID will be required.