Discount Programs

** For Discounts and Loyalty Rewards, sign up at Santa Cruz Naturals!**

Happy New Year from Santa Cruz Naturals!

Winter is here along with some major changes in Cannabis laws!  That’s right! Adult Use Cannabis has arrived, so Adults 21 years of age and older can now experience all of the benefits of cannabis!

Santa Cruz Naturals offers a number of great deals, specials, and a robust loyalty points program for anyone who chooses to sign up for it.

Interested in getting great deals and discounts on your favorite cannabis products?  Sign up with your valid email address and a cell number on your next visit to Santa Cruz Naturals!

All senior clients over the age of 65 are entitled to the senior discount of 10% off.

Veterans are entitled to a discount of 15%.

Supporting documents required: veteran’s affairs card, active duty/ military discount ID. Any paperwork with client’s name and evidence of service /Branch of armed service

Active students and teachers will receive a 10% discount.

*Proof of credentials or student ID will be required.

One of the benefits of shopping at Santa Cruz Naturals is our Rewards program!

Every time you shop at Santa Cruz Naturals you are automatically receiving point per dollar. These points are saved on your account and can be redeemed towards your purchase or in exchange for merchandise. Ask your bud tender about your points during your next visit