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Level’s mission is to create cannabis products that empower people to live healthier, happier, and more enjoyable lives. Level blends produces an array of high-quality cannabis products expertly crafted to achieve desired feeling states. Level scientists apply advanced techniques to unlock the plant’s many benefits and magic. Precisely tune your experience with confidence. Level’s products are always pesticide, solvent, and additive free. The medical grade silicon containers can also double as an essential oil container once emptied.

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Top-shelf, organically-grown cannabis herbal tea,

precision-dosed with ratios for




As if from the ancient tea houses of Edo, to your favorite dispensary, Kikoko Tea adds another layer to tea time. Bringing past to present. Elevating the ceremony to a euphoric blend of the senses. Available in four varieties including Positivi-Tea, Sensuali-Tea, Tranquili-Tea and Sympa-Tea. Each blend is intended to promote a unique result, try one or a combine them all for a robust, fresh infused beverage experience!

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Coconut Oatmeal Cookies & Quinoa Granola Bites


3 Leaf uses ingredients that are good for you. They are as focused on using quality natural foods as they are on using quality, natural medicine. 3 Leaf does not use any added sugar, and relies on the sweetness found in nature such as fruit, honey and agave nectar to give their products their distinctive and delicious flavor.  All of their ingredients are sourced in California and many originate in-State.

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Stay strong to the finish with

“The Chief” Corn Cob Style Electronic Pipe Battery


Timeless class, modern convenience. Compatible with “Cali Bud” Ceramic Extract Cartridges and most standard extract cartridges on the market.

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Cannaderm Rich Cannabis Body Cream


At Cannaderm, they strive to offer an exceptional, medicated, pain-relieving cannabis body cream. Cannaderm blends the highest quality ingredients, refreshing essential oil scents, and a perfect activated cannabinoid strength, into a smooth, decadent body cream that is sure to please the senses.

Integrate Cannaderm into your health, wellness, and beauty routine.

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